The Poster Remediated – installation shots and press


These installation shots in Poster Museum at Wilanów were provided by Podpunkt, the excellent studio which designed the show and the accompanying book. They were photographed by Michał Drabik. Podpunkt did much more than design the show: they worked closely with me to shape its conceptualisation. Much of the intellectual drive of the show comes from Podpunkt’s design. The … Continue reading

An Essay on Decay

Studio Formafantasma, 'Botanica'

This article appeared in the first issue of Disegno in 2011. ♦ Earlier this year the mummified body of a Hollywood actress was found in a dilapidated Beverley Hills villa. Yvette Vickers had made a career in the movies by playing pneumatic blonds in b-movies like ‘Attack of the Giant Leaches’ and ‘Attack of the … Continue reading

Two books on Polish graphic design …

projekt copy

Against All Odds. Polish Graphic Design 1919-1949 (also published in Polish as Nie gęsi. Polskie projektowanie graficzne 1919–1949) by Piotr Rypson. (Karakter, Kraków, 2011) Projekt: The Polish journal of visual art and design (Unit 05) edited by Adrian Shaughnessy (with essays by Charlotte West and Edgar Bąk) (Unit Editions, London, 2011) The Polish Poster School of … Continue reading

A spectre haunts the world and it is the spectre of migration

Formafantasma, works in the 'Moulding Tradition' series, 2009

This review appears in Frieze, November 2011. ♦ In recent years Studio Formafantasma – Italian designers, Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin – have made a number of journeys into the past to excavate the meanings which traditional and even ‘lost’ materials and techniques can possess. Their ‘Botanica’ (2011) series of lamps and vessels, for instance, … Continue reading

Any colour .. as long as it’s black


Warsaw’s Museum of Modern Art – in its temporary location of a socmodernist furniture store – is, appropriately enough, hosting an exhibition by German designer Konstantin Gricic. The works on display do not come from the drawing boards of his Munich studio: Grcic here takes on the role of curator. Like his Serpentine Gallery show … Continue reading

Boiling the City

Kitchen Budapest

At the Łódź Design Festival last weekend, I saw this exercise in data visualisation and sonification. Culling data pulled from one of the major Hungarian news sites –, Kitchen Budapest’s animation tells you something you already know, that the capital dominates the country. One in four Hungarians live in the Budapest metropolitan area. At 30 … Continue reading

Progressing Backwards


This piece was written for Thomas Thwaites to appear in a publication about his Toaster Project. It will stay posted here until the book comes out later this year

Well Mannered Anarchists: The Design Research Unit

DRU design for Watney's Beer

Written for Creative Review, this piece looked at the career of the ‘DESIGN RESEARCH UNIT’, the subject of an exhibition at the Cubitt Gallery, London in September and October 2010.