Downloads and links

You can download my CV (dated June 2019) here.

Here is an interview about the Poster Remediated, an exhibition which I curated in Warsaw summer 2016.

Here is a long article on Somewhere, written for Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie’s retrospective exhibition at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge, summer 2014.

You can find links to articles I have written here or, in a few instances, downloads:

You can download a pdf of my 1992 book National Style and Nation-state. Design in Poland from the Vernacular Revival to the International Style (MUP). Out of print, MUP has given me permission to distribute it electronically.

This is a review of the Estonian pavilion at the Venice Biennale in 2012 for Maja magazine.

I gave a lecture on socmodernist architecture from the Eastern Bloc in 2011 in Vilnius. There is a recording of the talk here.

Here is a little review of Frédéric Chaubin’s CCCP Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed, a collection of his images of late-Soviet architecture, on

‘Drawn From Life: Gern Arntz’ is a feature I wrote for Creative Review in 2011 which also appears on the magazine’s blog.

‘Out of Hand’ – an article on the way in which handwriting disciplines the body in Eye magazine Summer 2011.

This is a piece on the political posters produced in Eastern Europe in 1989 which was published in Creative Review, January 2010.

‘Strikethrough’ – a long article on the way in which erasure can be meaningful in Eye magazine, no. 69.

I was invited to give a talk on architecture and design the Cold War at MSN in Warsaw in 2010. You can watch it here.

This piece is a review of Gerlinde Schuller’s rather excellent book, The World as Flatland – Report 1. Designing universal knowledge, from Creative Review in 2009.

‘Anxious Modernism’ – on the use of collage by visionary architects and designers in the 1960s on the Eye Blog from 2008.

You can download the Roman Cieślewicz booklet/catalogue which accompanied a show in 2010 at the Royal College of Art here. BBC World made a good news report on the show which you can watch here.

A piece on the seminal Ty i Ja magazine that was published in Dot-dot-dot can be downloaded here.

Here is a link to a reprint of an essay that I wrote for the Cold War Modern catalogue (V&A) which appeared in Autoportret.

Here is a link to a extract from my book National-style and Nation State on the Zakopane Style (1992) which appeared in Autoportret.

A review of a book on Slovene modernism published in West 86th can also be read on the magazine’s blog.

This is a link to a pdf on design and disaster published in Icon magazine in October 2008.

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