Visual Ethics After Communism

This theme issue of Martor examines the ethical questions raised by the publication and display of images and objects associated by illegitimate communist rule in Eastern Europe. I edited it with Dr James Alexander Kapaló and Dr. Gabriela Nicolescu. Our introduction is a long essay focusing on museum displays in Eastern Europe after communist rule. The entire issue can be downloaded here.

It features some great contributions:

David CROWLEY, James KAPALÓ, and Gabriela NICOLESCU
Introduction. Visual Ethics after Communism

I. Hands at Work
Tatiana VAGRAMENKO, and Gabriela NICOLESCU
The Hand at Work or How the KGB File Leaks in the Exhibition

Elizaveta BEREZINA
Lacquered History: Soviet Crafts and Problematic Memory of the Communist Past

Experiences of Socialism in Romanian Exhibitions: Ethical Implications of Display, Invisibility, and Engagement

II. Alternative Memory Practices?

Alexandra BARDAN
Recalling Socialism through Clubbing Posters: A Visual Analysis of Grassroots Alternative Memory Practices

Recent & Radical: Excess, Absence, and Erasure in the Museum of Recent Art

The Museum of the Unknown City. Part I

III. Connecting Communities

Connecting Communities: “From Near to Far. Visual Cartographies of the Spaces 2 Mai and Vama Veche”

Heléna HUHÁK, and Lóránt BÓDI
The COURAGE Registry: A Gateway to the Cultural Heritage of Eastern European Nonconformism

The Museum of the Unknown City. Part II

IV. Visual ethics now and then

Mădălina CRISTEA
The One-footed Roller Skater. A Visual Ethnography of Contemporary Cuba

Methodological Notes on Visual Ethics: “Choosing Not to Reveal”

How to Look Natural in Photos: An interview with Beata Bartecka and Łukasz Rusznica

V. Book Reviews

Maria Alina Asavei. 2020. Art, Religion and Resistance in (Post-)Communist Romania: Nostalgia for Paradise Lost. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 309 p. (Reviewed by James KAPALÓ)


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