Modernizm realny około 1981 roku

If you read Polish, here is a long essay on ‘real existing Modernism’ in the PRL. Click here. it appears in a brilliant two volume anthology on Polish modernism, Teksty modernizmu. Antologia polskiej teorii i krytyki architektury 1918-1981 (vol. 1 on sources and vol. 2 on essays). The two books are edited by Dorota Jędruch, Marta Karpińska, Dorota Leśniak-Rychlak and have been published by Instytut Architektury. Focused on 1981, my piece explores the ways in which architects in Poland expressed forms of political critique against the background of the rise of Solidarność. It was triggered by seeing Stefan Figlarowicz’s bold images of housing estates in Warsaw and Gdańsk many years ago. Stefan died in 2015 and I had the good fortune to spend a day with him c. 2010. Email if you’d like a rough and ready English version.

Screen Shot 2019-12-24 at 11.37.32
XIV kongresu UIA w Warszawie, czerwiec 1981, fot. archiwum SARP w Warszawie



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