Sounding the Body Electric, Muzeum Sztuki, Łódź – June to August 2012

Agata Pyzik’s review of the show from the August edition of The Wire is here. Polish readers might find these on-line reviews interesting – Gazeta Wyborcza / / Obieg / Canti Illuminati / Czas Kultury / Dwu Tygodnik / Ruch Muzyczny

There is a transcript of a discussion about the show here.

Teresa Gleadowe reviewed the show in Art Monthly in the September 2012 issue.

Here is a link to a film of CUNY conference where I talked about the show in November 2012.

Here is a link to a talk that Daniel Muzyczuk and I gave in Warsaw in autumn 2012 for Bec Zmiana.

There is also quite a lot of the exhibition’s content here – Strefa Kreatywna.

Also, a 2013 review appeared in Texte Zur Kunste – here.


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