Bunker, Konjic, B-H, photographed in spring 2011 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Advertisements

The Power of Fantasy, BOZAR, Brussels, 2011 – photographs taken during the installation.

Love Among the Ruins

In autumn 2008 Kobas Laksa and Nicolas Grospierre invited visitors to the Venice Architecture Biennale to stay at the Hotel Polonia. The national pavilion in the Giardini had been turned into a cavernous bedroom decorated with architectural reveries. Brilliant back-lit photographs by the two artists mapped a series of new dream worlds constructed in Poland … Continue reading

Life in the Shadow of Monuments: Philippe Chancel’s North Korea

I wrote this piece for the Photographers’ Gallery in London a few years ago. Philippe Chancel’s images of North Korea can be seen here.

Socialist recreation? Amateur film and photography in the People’s Republic of Poland and East Germany

This piece was published in a book which is very difficult to find, so I have posted my contribution below.

Design Beyond Art

Here’s a review of two exhibitions – ‘Telling Tales‘ at the V&A and ‘Super Contemporary’ at the Design Museum. Both exhibitions closed in October 2009 but Telling Tales has left an impressive website. The piece first appeared in 2+3d.

Progressing Backwards

This piece was written for Thomas Thwaites to appear in a publication about his Toaster Project. It will stay posted here until the book comes out later this year

Unmonumental monuments

This text appeared in the catalogue for the Steirischer Herbst festival, Graz, 2010

Personal Search

Here is a discussion of an undeservedly obscure Polish film, Rewizja Osobista / Personal Search, 1972. It was commissioned by the Bureau of Loose Associations / Piktogram.

Well Mannered Anarchists: The Design Research Unit

Written for Creative Review, this piece looked at the career of the ‘DESIGN RESEARCH UNIT’, the subject of an exhibition at the Cubitt Gallery, London in September and October 2010.